10 things we can all do for the environment

Everyone cares about the environment. But what are we willing to do… 

…when it comes to act? Without too much effort, there are little daily actions that seem useful and that each of us can include in the daily routine. All it takes is substituting some old habits with more useful ones to actually reduce waste.
Here are some simple things, maybe not all of them suit us, but we can still choose a few, as we know that often the most efficient way to improve the world is starting from ourselves, from our lives, as many small actions can make an impact.

So, besides recycling, which we take for granted, some good ideas could be:

1. Buying unpacked fruits and vegetables. This seems obvious, but in some places it’s not. Most of the times there’s actually no need for plastic boxes, as products of nature already come in their own packaging called “peel” , which is totally compostable and keeps them at their best!

2. Buying local when possible, from nearby farmers and artisans, to reduce useless transportation.

3. Using eco-friendly cleaning products. How many times we can choose almost-zero impact products? For example, removing limescale with vinegar works good, so does cleaning the owen using baking soda. There are so many websites and videos that explain how to, like this one.

4. Reducing plastic waste, using refillable bottles for soaps and detergents. It is now possible to find these systems in many supermarkets and shops. One single refillable bottle will last for years and will save you a lot of plastic to trash.

5. When it’s good for drinking,  using tap water or refilling at the designated places will also save a lot of plastic.

6. One for women: ever thought to use a menstrual cup? Many of us find it very comfortable and practical, plus it saves money and it might reduce waste (read here or here). While reusable baby diapers might not be good or convenient for everybody considering the amount of work mums already have to do, the menstrual cup presents many interesting pros, listed in this funny video with english subtitles.

7. Keeping in the car a couple of canvas bags to go shopping, not to ask every time for plastic or paper bags, which will be thrown soon away.

8. Reducing animal products, which seems to have quite an impact on the environment, here an interesting study.

9.Making our small daily choices with awareness, for example: bringing water bottles to work or to the gym rather than buying new ones all the time from the automatic machine; hanging the clothes instead of using the dryer all the time; storing the leftovers in a bowl rather than using plastic film; creatively recycling as much as possible, sometimes old magazines can become cool wrapping paper… etc…

10. Talking and spreading good habits.


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