Trick or treat?

Right for Halloween, I received my box of pomegranates…



These ones come from the nearby region of Emilia-Romagna and are big and beautiful.
I like pomegranates when they are fully ripe, so they get sweet, still I don’t usually buy them too often, as they’re kind of tricky to open and that annoys me quite a bit.

On monday I went to a fair in Padova and I let a lady convince me to try this new tool in the picture on hereby.
I ended up buying it and I must say I’m happy I did. Very easy to use, all it takes is just placing half a pomegranate on the grid, cover it with the lid, hit it with a spoon several times and eventually all grains will fall down.
It certainly takes me less time and it definitely saves me from my main concern: the splashes I’d usually find everywhere in kitchen!


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