I’m an italian ’81 girl, born&raised in the north of Italy but with southern origins. I’m a bit like a smoothie.
I travel as much as possible, I’ve lived abroad a couple of times in Europe and in the USA, and I currently live in Verona. Besides traveling, food has been my passion since university times and before that. I’ve always enjoyed taking time to make food with love and care – as well as eating it.
I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years, then I decided to go vegan – or plant based, as I prefer – in 2012.

Foodfreak… first of all, that’s what I am, a food lover. As long as it’s simple, tasty and, as much as possible, made from scratch, food is a pleasure. I really like spending time in my kitchen or at the market and, whether it is for family, friends, strangers or just for myself, I just enjoy preparing delicious meals. Second, I am very selective when it comes to eating. I really look for quality food, I check its origins and ingredients, I get picky about restaurants…  I just care about what I eat, and I think it is a very important thing. And third, the word is a tribute too, but that’s is another story.