Fast rice


Colorful, tasty, fresh and filling…
Tonight I was in a hurry, had a thousand things to do, but was extremely hungry at the same time.
This recipe came out and I was more satisfied than I thought.
– cooked a cup of red rice (a good way to do it is to put in a pot one part of rice and two part of water, pur the lid on. After ten minutes I add some salt and in 10 more minutes or so the rice should be cooked); let it cool down.
– meanwhile cooked the peas with a some onion (cut the onion and put in a pan with just a bit of water, when tender add the frozen peas, let them cook about then minutes then add herbal salt and some EVO);
– mix the rice, the peas, add some fresh tomato, some drops of lemon (really just some drops) and some almonds granola.

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