Chickpeas cream

Sunday lunch with a new discovery (thanks to my family): black chickpeas…Black chickpeas can be used just as the common ones and have many good characteristics. We made this cream that everybody liked. Very easy to prepare, here how: we made the black chickpeas soak for 24 hours, then boiled them for more than one hour, until tender. Diced one onion, one carrot and one celery stalk, and put them in a pan with just a bit of water fro a few minutes, just so that everything got tender. Added 200 gr. of boiled chickpeas and 3 spoons of their water. Stirred for a minute, then turned off the cooker. Added rosemary, salt and EVO to taste, then mixed everything with a food processor until creamy (adding some more water from the chickpeas might be necessary).
We spread the cream on some good bread together with some salad (here I used red lettuce). Divine!

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