Break point

Today I’ve had a very tight schedule, it’s 6.40 pm now and it’s the first time I take a little break. I’ve been running here and there the whole day, and absolutely no time to make food. So, for lunch, I made one of my favourite smoothies…

wp-1453398016231.jpegIt’s a very simple one and it takes only 2 minutes to make it.
I prefer when smoothies contain only a few (3 or 4) and well combined ingredients, so that they’re easy to digest and no flavor gets hidden. So, this has 3 small bananas, a handful of raw spinach leaves and some almond milk to taste – sometimes I like to put a just little bit, so it gets very creamy, and sometimes I put more, if I want it more liquid. In both cases, this is nutritious and filling. Plus, I had it while at my computer, without even taking a break.

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