Cheap and fresh

Just back from the farmer’s market…
wp-1454076063708.jpegI prefer shopping at the farmer’s market when it’s possible, for many reasons, one of these being the lively and cheerful atmosphere, that puts me in a very good mood. On Saturdays there’s a big one in the city, I go there about once a month with friends or family. My favourite stall is a big colorful one, full of any kind of fruits and veggies, and I always come back with more bags then I thought.
Today, I went to the small one near my house, which I possibly like even more. The farmer comes here weekly to sell his products, they are really super fresh and have the cheapest prices (I’m really lucky that it’s all organic too). Plus, there are always new things to find out about, advices, products (sometimes he grows things I didn’t even know about), exchange recipes and maybe even build community. It’s great to get to know who feeds us. And I’m looking forward to make food tonight.

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