Joyful greens

I had a happy and relaxing sunday hiking with friends, was probably this mood to inspire me this colorful recipe…

I’ve recently found out about this kind of cabbage called in italian cavolo fiolaro. It is typical of the region where I live (Veneto) and it tastes very good, it’s almost sweet.
I made enhanced its taste with this recipe that suites many different greens. It is easy and fast to make and still incredibly tasty, good in different circumstances.

All it takes this: put the greens in salty boiling water and drain them when they’re tender; then put some EVO in a pan, add some smashed garlic (to be taken out at the end), turn on the cooker and warm up the oil (don’t make it fry!). Add the greens and some dried tomatoes (cut in little pieces)and let everything cook for 5 minutes while mixing. The greens will so absorb the garlic flavour and the dried tomatoes are a perfect combination.

I served this with some farinata and it was a complete and excellent dish. Could’t have had a better sunday dinner!

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