Farinata, the queen.

Rainy sunday, good day to make something delicious and appetizing…

Farinata is a real treat for me. It originally comes form Liguria (and from Toscana), so it reminds me of summer and sea, but it can really be made all year round.
I love chickpeas! They can be used for soups, creams and their flour is the main ingredient of this traditional recipe.

Farinata is very simple to make, but at the same time easy to mistake. It took me some tries before I got the perfect result, so quantities need to be precise, or it might be very disappointing. Word.
So, for 4 people I used: 500 ml of water, 175 g of chickpeas flour, 35 g of EVO, salt and pepper to taste.
I just mixed everything together, pour it in a tray (I put baking paper on the tray so it doesn’t stick) and put it in a pre-heated oven for 45 minutes at 170° C (fan-assisted oven preferred). The thickness needs to be between 0.5 and 1 cm, and it should be all flat. This is important.

Once it’s done, you can top it with some rosemary, if you like.

Different versions can be easily made by adding chopped veggies to the mixture. For example, last time I added some leak, and next I’m gonna try with black cabbage (cavolo nero), a typical green from Tuscany, so it perfectly matches as for the origins too.
When ready, farinata can be used in main courses, or instead of bread, but it’s also the perfect appetizer, for example cut it in little squares and topped with fresh tomatoes, or (my favorite) with some fresh basil-pesto… Liguria in a plate.








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