New addictions

I know I may sound a bit too much of a nerd, but…

I’m just back from shopping and I was thinking that, after one year of using it, I can say that I am crazy about my shopping-list app. I find it so useful and helpful, it would be hard for me to go back!
Trying more than one app could be necessary, before finding the perfect one. The first shopping app I downloaded didn’t make me so happy. Then I switched to the one I am currently using and that was really what I was looking for. Pros of using an app are:
– the list is always you and you won’t forget it at home;
– you don’t have to think and write the items every single time, you just press a button to check/uncheck them;
– you don’t have to take pieces of papers with you (and possibly loose them);
– the app has many more functions, like sharing it with other people, etc.
Cons: can’t find any. It’s just a very handy tool and, as planning is essential, the app really facilitate it.



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