Here they are!

Who knew sicilian avocados were so tasty?…

19.Here they are!
It’s a sunny day here in Verona and I just received the avocado box I ordered from Sicily. It’s the first time I try them, I’ve just found out that exotic fruit is now growing in the southern Italy too, and they are really delicious! I actually thought avocado was a summer fruit! I just read that they are harvested in Sicily from the end of December to May! That’s why I can already have them now. I’ve put most of them in the fridge and kept 4 or 5 on the table: they get ripe in less than a week. Avocados could stay on the plant for much longer (until summer), but the farmer is harvesting all of them not later then April
This will apparently benefit the following year harvest.
I just had my piadina with guacamole and I plan to made a sweet creme too in the next days. They are really fantastic!

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