Vegan “on the road”

I was visiting Roma for a couple of days…

Roma is probably my favourite city in the world and I try to come here about once a year. Right now, I’m on the train back to Verona and I’m thinking of all the great meals I had these days. From street food to sophisticated restaurants, being vegan is really not an issue. Everywhere I go, I always find good options and tasty food.
As I arrived, I tried “pizza fritta” (fried pizza), which is traditional street food from Napoli. Pizzas and the other delicacies I tried were very tasty and the owners have the typical welcoming attitude of southern people. The place deserved a visit and I was very happy to eat there.

19a. Vegan %22on the road%22

The day after, I went to a restaurant I had been recommended by friends. It is famous for having excellent hand-made food. Celebrities often go there too, but prices are normal standard. As this place makes typical roman dishes, I got “carciofo alla romana“, which means roman artichoke. It was incredibly delicious, more than I imagined. As for the main course, I explained I was vegan, and got spaghetti with a sauce made of fresh tomatoes and herbs (especially thyme), they were so delicious I couldn’t take the time for a picture. Seriously.

19d.Vegan on the road

The last restaurant I went on this trip was a greek one. I had not had greek food for a long while and going to this place was a great choice. (I had, as usual, read several reviews before, not to be disappointed). The owners and all the staff were actually from Greece, they chatted a lot with us and we really had a great time. Needless to say, there were many “vegan” dishes – anyone who is familiar with greek food knows there’s a lot of green there. I got a good salad – I so needed something fresh – and “dolmades“, which are rolls made of grape leaves stuffed with rice. So good and light, perfect.

As always when in Roma, I ate a bit too much. But, as my friend says: when in Rome do as the Romans do.

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