Sea breeze spaghetti

Here’s a smart one for those super-busy days…
This isn’t for me an everyday recipe, as I normally prefer to stick on fresh veggies etc.., but when I’m very much in a hurry and I feel like having a quite filling meal, well, this one tastes super fresh. Today, for example, I made it for lunch, as going back to the usual routine after the long Christmas break made me feel there’s a lot to do… Plus, I gotta eat pasta sometimes, after all I’m Italian!
So, simple and easy: cook some good spaghetti (I use some organic quinoa ones, that I find fantastic) in salty boiling water, then put them in a dish and add a spoon of see weeds, the juice of a small lemon, top with some pistachio granola (I usually make it myself monthly, from regular pistachios) and add some EVO to taste. Enjoy!

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