Colors of Sicily

My 30 kg of oranges have just arrived, directly from Sicily… 5. Colours of Sicily
I’ve always bought only extra-vergin olive oil from Sicily, but, since last winter, I started ordering some fruit as well directly from the producers, fruit that doesn’t grow here of course. I got this idea after a trip to Morocco, where I met a guy who offered to stay in contact to keep selling me his fabulous dates by sending them here to Italy. So, when I came back, I looked up for more farmers selling their products on-line. Of course, I usually  first buy a little amount, to taste the quality. Now I buy oranges, lemons and clementines straight from Sicily, as well as almonds, pistachios and dates, which I buy from Morocco or Israel. Delivery is very fast, the products cost less than here and taste delicious, as they have just been harvested. (Plus they come in these fancy boxes I am crazy about.)

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