Weekend’s surprises

It’s Monday morning, outside it’s super sunny and super cold and I have a lot of projects for this new week just started. The weekend has been very “recharging”: sport, nature, movies and, of course, eating, and I’ve had some food adventures that made me pretty happy…


On Saturday I took a hike on the mountains and, once on the top, we felt like warming up and eating something. The hut, run by a very old man, offers very few food choices, 3 or 4, not more. I had a warm beens soup, which he always makes meat&diary free, he explained. So, no problems for me to eat there, and it was delicious.
On Sunday morning I tried a special vegan breakfast, organized by a restaurant downtown Verona. There was anything you may want for a Sunday breakfast, from fresh made juices to cakes, muffins, creamy desserts, sweet and salty stuff, all very good (in fact I ate too much, but hey, winter pleasures!). But what impressed me was that the place was so full that we had to wait, and that the breakfast seemed to be very much appreciated by non-vegans! Well done.
In the evening I went to the cinema, which is located on top of a shopping centre. Before the movie, my friends and I had a quick drink and a snack. I was massively impressed by the fact that such a small cafe of a shopping centre (!) actually makes a number of fresh-made juices and plant-based snacks… We had both and they tasted very good too.

Well, eating vegan seems not to be difficult at all, and it’s definitely getting even easier!

PS: To complete the day, I bought myself this new kitchen tools. Looking forward to use them!


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